“Retreats by Request”

Retreats for your private group can be provided by request here at Full Circle Retreat or at your facility.

Contact Kathleen@FullCircleRetreat.com to request a retreat for your group/program.

Kathleen Grittner Workshops/Retreats by Request:

The Enneagram/SoulCollage®

Meditation/Spiritual/Personal Growth

Creativity/Art Process/Studio Arts/ Writing



Cultivating Happiness with Imagery and Meditation

Kathleen Grittner

Cultivate your essential qualities through meditation and creativity. You will make

personal images that reflect your essential qualities using the method of

SoulCollage® and learn how to use them with a meditation practice taught by

Thich Nhat Hanh for cultivating happiness. “The qualities of joy, solidity, calm and

freedom are within us, are essential to happiness, and can be cultivated through


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Hundreds of Ways…

Kathleen Grittner

Relax the body, clear the mind. There are hundreds of ways that can be learned and

practiced almost anywhere—while sitting, standing, walking, lying down, at work…

This retreat we draw upon various traditions and explore a variety of practices

that can bring more ease, clarity, compassion and joy to your everyday life. Shape a

practice that’s right for you and fits your particular life circumstances a this time.

Retreat Details




The Enneagram and SoulCollage® Coming Full Circle

Kathleen Grittner

The Enneagram give us tools for self-observation and allows us to experience greater

clarity and understanding of ourselves and our relationship with others. The SoulCollage® 

process is a creative method that naturally brings forth your inner knowing and

illuminates aspects of your being, allowing you to become more fully aware of them.

Learn how these two tools complement each other and can benefit your daily life.

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SoulCollage®  Tending Your Inner Garden

Kathleen Grittner

Your innate goodness needs tending. SoulCollage® is an enjoyable, creative way to tend

your “inner garden”, to cultivate and water the seeds of that which enhances your life.

SoulCollage® is an amazingly simple, fun, and relaxing way to get to know yourself in all

of your diversity and depth. It is a creative, visual way to bring the many aspects of

your life into balance and harmony with your deepest desires.

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Now What? Navigating the Second Half of Life with SoulCollage®  

Kathleen Grittner

When we find our traditional roles have shifted, when we begin to experience a lack of

fullfillment with our career, or a relationship has changes or come to an end---we are in

the process of moving into the second half of life. How do we navigate and understand

these often turbulent, unsettling transitions? Where do we find clarity, meaning and joy

when we feel stuck, lost and floundering? What are the opportunities in all of this?

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Mandalas: A Centering Practice

Kathleen Grittner

The Sanskrit word Mandala, broadly translated, means circle or sacred circle. Circles are

found in all of life and the cycles of nature. Mandala making is a meditative art form, and

a centering practice that creates a space for your inner knowing, your wise inner teacher,

to arise. It is a way in which you can connect with the fundamental pattern of wholeness,

and the web of life that sustains us all.

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Waking Up To Spirit Through Art

Kathleen Grittner

Creativity is an inborn, natural ability that we all have. Our uninhibited spirit, the

curiosity that we once knew, is still with us waiting to be invited back into our lives.

When we approach art making in a playful, non-judgement way, we initiate

the reunion of our creative spirit and allow that energy to flow through us.

Dipping into the creative realm through art connects you more deeply with your

own inner teacher allowing the guidance that is there for you to come through.



Intuitive Artmaking

Kathleen Grittner

Intuitive art making is a process oriented, expressive approach to creating that

allow you to connect with your own intuition and supports a deeper realtionship

with yourself.

We will experiment with techniques designed to bypass our thinking, planning, achiievment 

tendencies and have fun playing around free of all that.



Inquiry Writing: A Contemplative Practice

Kathleen Grittner

Inquiry writing is a kind of cross-training for the brain that keeps the mind strong and

resilient resulting in a more integrated thought process that helps you navigate your

ever-changing life. It is a way to stay in touch with where you are, and to tap your inner

resources by allowing responses to your questions to arise through the process of writing.

”They can be like a sun, words. They can do for the heart what light can for a field”. - John of the Cross

Retreat Details



Art Materials: An Art Media Discovery Playshop

Kathleen Grittner

Remember the fun you had before your where “taught” how to make art? The

pure joy of making marks, doodling and trying new things just to see what

happens? This relaxing workshop is an opportunity to play around with a variety

of art materials. Tecniques will be demonstrated using different kinds of pastels,

chalks, papers and paints. You can then try them out and discover for yourself

how they work and what you can do with them. You will have lots of time to

experiment with the ones that most intrigue you and to discover what materials best suit your individual expression.


Art For The Truly Terrified

Kathleen Grittner

Let yourself re-discover the pure fun of making marks, making a mess, playing with color and the joy of just seeing

what happens. In this relaxing workshop, we will play around with different kinds of art materials and tecniques.

You will be guided through a series of fun exercises that will allow you to experiment with a variety of art media and

re-aquaint yourself with the visual elements of art; line, shape, color, texture. Even if you think that you are not

creative and have no artistic skills, you will discover the artist in you!



Visual Art Journals

Kathleen Grittner

An Art Journal can take many forms. It can be a simple notepad or sketchbook that

you carry around in your pocket or it may be bound or unbound pages of any size, or

an existing book that you alter and embellish in some way. They can serve many

purposes as well. The intent of your journal/sketchbook/notepad is entirely up to

you.  A place to record random thoughts, ideas, information, impressions, feelings,

events, projects, what you eat maybe …and/or a place to explore new ideas, old

ideas, questions, insights, possibilities, drawing, painting, songs, color, poems,

marks, art materials, circles, birds, your right brain, your dream images…

Art Journals are ultimately a place where you can explore your interests, express yourself and experiment freely with

out the pressure to make a finished, beautiful, or sellable product. What you create in your journal may end up being

artistic--or not--it doesn’t matter. The nature of a journal is that it inspires your work, the most essential work of art

being…your life.

This workshop is an opportunity for you to try out some ways of expressing yourself artistically. We will use a variety

of art materials and methods that will “jumpstart” your unique creative process. No previous art experience required.



Writing/Journaling with Images

Kathleen Grittner

Images provide tangible support and guidance for accessing the often-neglected gifts and

abilities of our right brain--our way of knowing beyond logic. There is inherent wisdom within

us just below the surface of our logical and reasoning mind.

Combined with writing, images can deepen your relationship with your authentic voice, 

the “one who knows”, your inner knower.

No previous writing skills required.



Art As Spiritual Practice 

Kathleen Grittner

”The heart of the spiritual path is the longing to know and to be our true and

authentic self. This has been the motivation of thousands who have gone before

you and will come after you. The true self that we long for is who you really are.”

                                                                                                    Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

Many spiritual traditions teach us that the peace, happiness and joy we seek is

already within us and that infinite wisdom is always amoungst us. Eckhart Tolle

describes this as "the aliveness that is all around you no matter where you are.”

One way to become more aware and open to this “aliveness” is by making art.

When we quiet down and approach art making as a practice of sensing, listening, and receiving, we invite an

experience of the fullness of the present moment.

During this retreat we practice art making methods, that bypass the planning, thinking-mind and the ego’s desire

to control the outcome. Combined with other contemplative practices, such as simple breathing tecniques, music

and movement meditations, we will explore some of the ways that we can connect with that dimention within

ourselves, where our authenic self lives. As we integrate these tools for expression, meditation and exploration

into our everyday ordinary life, we continue to open ourselves to greater awareness, clarity and balance in all

aspects of our lives and to all that we are. No previous art experience required.

Image is from Kathleen’s Journal page, “I give my love and gratitude to the sacred presence that sings and dances with us in every moment of our lives”



Shrines and Altars: Collage/Assemblage

Kathleen Grittner

Using collage and assemblage tecniques; finding, collecting and arranging, you will

create a personal shrine or altarpiece. The intention for your shrine is up to you and

will be your guide. Fill it with images that inspire and things that make you happy.

Shrines and altars are a place to give thanks, to celebrate those who have been

important and supportive to us on your life journey, and/or a way to honor our animal

and spirit guides, the beautiful things of this earth, and the gods and goddesses who’s

qualitites we aspire to and who remind us to stay spiritually centered.

Start collecting images--personal photos, color photocopies, magazine pictures,

Objects - small figurines and statues, toys, game pieces, keys, stones, twigs, feathers, embellishments--buttons,

beads, ribbon, glitter, decorative papers etc. Bring stuff you like and that has personal meaning to you.

You will need a container(s) to create your shrine in; such as a wooden box, old drawer, shadow box frame,

hard cover book, tins, etc. You will transform your collection into a beautiful and meaningful shrine.



Contact Kathleen@FullCircleRetreat.com to request a retreat or workshop for your group

here at Full Circle Retreat or at your place.



The retreats listed below are by other current and previous instructors that

may also be coordinated for your private group by request at Full Circle Retreat.

Contact Kathleen@FullCircleRetreat.com to coordinate a retreat for your group




Generational Healing using the Enneagram: You, Your Mother, and Your Soul

Anne Muree

This women’s retreat is about claiming our power as women and coming back to ourselves.

It is for women of all ages, who want to bring more joy to their life, connect with their

creativity, and live the life that is waiting for them. You will gain more clarity about ways

in which your mother‘s history continues to influence your choices, health, beliefs and life.

We will create space for healing and returning to our true nature using the Enneagram tool.

Retreat Details



Drumming and SoulCollage®

Cheri Bunker and Kathleen Grittner

A relaxing and rejuvenating combo, drumming and SoulCollage®.

Never drummed or made SoulCollage® cards before, that is OK! 

No experience necessary.

We will provide lots of drums and other fun stuff to make joyful sound with. 

Just come with your sense of curiosity and fun!

Retreat Details




Musical Soul Journey and SoulCollage®

Deepening Into The Psyche Through Music and Art Making

Audrey Chowdhury

This is an opportunity to experience the power of music and art to unlock your inner

wisdom and activate your heart of compassion. Experience a "musical soul journey” in a

fully supported, sacred space followed by art making that honors and further integrates

the experience. Art making may include making a mandala and/or a SoulCollage® card.

Many people find that this experience leaves them feeling more authentic, connected to

themselves, and better able to be effective in the world.

At the surface of our psyche we are individuals with a personal biography. At the depths

of our psyche we discover we are sacred, holistic beings, both human and divine.

There are layers in between that reveal amazing knowledge of who we are in the various

dimensions of consciousness. These dimensions of consciousness can be accessed through the musical journeying

process called Integrative Breathwork.

Integrative Breathwork is a powerful healer that opens the psyche using the breath and evocative music. The

experience removes us from our ordinary state of consciousness, where we are anchored by how we see and hear.

By altering these factors, our egos "recede” allowing us to open to healing and often inspirational experiences.

These musical journeys unveil the psyche's treasures that lead us from fragmentation to wholeness. Many who

experience this sacred group work feel they have "come home" to their True Self.

Ms. Chowdhury received her Integrative Breathwork training at the Eupsychia Institute with Jacquelyn Small and is a certified facilitator.



Ki and Heart Health Practices

Deb Bachmann

You will learn and practice four traditional Eastern spiritual health exercises that

unify our heart and body with universal life force known as “Ki” (or “chi” in Chinese).

The following exercises will be demonstrated with plenty of time to practice on your

own and with others: Ki Oneness and Heart Practice: clearly experience how our

heart state can influence the physical body, other people, and our future. Meridian

Stretching: partner exercises designed to open energy meridians and increase

physical flexibility and general well being. Renki: simple meditative movements,

similar to Tai chi, that calm the mind and strengthen the flow of ki in the body.

Ki Meditation: meditation focused on the spiritual growth of all beings - a practice to

strengthen and create greater health and harmony in our own lives and in the world. These practices help us to

understand the complexity of the human heart and begin to heal obstacles to health and happiness.

Deb also offers individual massage and shiatsu treatments for your group.



Nembutsu Buddhist Chanting: For the Happiness and Spiritual development of all beings

Deb Bachman

Nembutsu Samadhi is the spiritual practice of the Pure Land style of Japanese Buddhism. One of the main

components of Nembutsu is the repeated musical chant of the Buddha’s name “Namu Amida Butsu”. While chanting

each pratitioner wishes for the happiness and spiritual growth of all beings, including oneself. By concentrating on

this aspect of the giving heart one may enter a state of nonduality where differences cease to exist and we connect

to our Buddha nature. This is the deepest part of the heart from which genuine healing power flows.

The meditative chanting includes melodies and musical tones practiced while sitting and sounding a drum and in

various movements. Through Ki and Heart practices participants will be able to realize what kind of heart state

synchonizes with the principles of the universe.



Writing Your Stories

Deb Biechler

Our lives are rich with stories. Yours are important. This retreat is a time to bring

forth your stories and write them down. Writing is a powerful tool to discover the

beauty and wisdom of your own unique life journey and a way to honor our shared

human experiences.

Gather to write some of our essential stories. No writing experience in necesssary

- only a willing spirit.  Deb will provide lots of fun ways to guide your stories forward.

A specific writing retreat can be customized for your group.



Soft Pastels Adventure: Beginner to Advanced

Kay Brathol-Hostvet

Soft pastels are fun to use, colorful, versatile, immediate, and very

expressive. This workshop will include a thorough introduction to the medium

for beginners or refresher for experienced students, and an in-depth

exploration into the variety of papers, application styles and techniques

available to the pastel artist.

The instructor will tailor lessons to each participant’s skill level.



Oil Painting: Landscape/Portrait Painting

Kathie Wheeler

Kathie will provide your group with classical studio art intruction in portrait

or landscape painting. The workshop will include a discussion and

demonstration of Kathie’s classical approach to painting a portrait or a landscape

as well as plenty of time to paint. You will receive instruction in composition,

color, paint application and drawing and lots of individual guidance.

All skill-levels welcome.

See Kathie’s paintings at: www.kathiewheeler.com



Knitting Socks

Kathleen Grittner

Learn how to knit those big cozy socks to wear when your relaxing at home,

perhaps sitting by a fire after a winter day outdoors. You will learn the basics

of knitting socks in the round with double pointed needles. We will use large

needles for a fun, fast, easy way to learn the basic steps and techniques involved

in knitting socks top down. You will then be able to transfer your new skills to

finer gauge socks made with smaller needles and other knitting projects.

You will need approximately 250 yards of bulky weight yarn and a set of#10

double-pointed needles. Brown Sheep Bulky wool or Wool-Ease Chunky weight yarn work well for this sock. Wood or

Bamboo needles are preferable. You will also need a sharp scissors, small ruler and a tapestry needle. The pattern

will be provided. Basic knitting skills (knit, purl, cast on) are required.



- Concrete Yard Art -

Hypertufa Garden Pots

Remember the joys of making mud pies, of building sand castles? Put on your old cloths

and come learn the art and science of making lightweight, beautiful natural looking pots

and troughs for your garden.

Embellishing Hypertufa Garden Pots

Decorate Hypertufa garden pots and make art for your garden. Using inexpensive, free,

for old broken stuff you’ll make stunning creations that will add interest to your garden.

Retreat Details


- Concrete Yard Art -

Mosaic Embellishment: The Basics and Beyond

Mosaic is one of the earliest art forms and arguably, one of the most beautiful. Over the

years, artists have applied all kinds of materials including glass, stone, mirrors, jewelry &

broken dishes to a variety of bases to create garden art, murals, shrines, tableaux and

To embellish furniture, frames, lamps—you name it! Come, have fun and

let your imagination soar creating in this exciting art form!

Retreat Details




Rug Hooking: Hooked Mittens, Faces and Other Projects    

Tish Murphy

Tish Murphy has been rug hooking for more than 30 years and is the owner of

Tish-Kits. She teaches workshops for beginners and advanced rug hookers.

All you need is a hook, hooking frame or embroidery hoop, a sharp scissors

and the desire to have a pleasant, relaxing time away with friends.

Tish-Kits can be available for you to choose from if you like.

One of Tish’s specialties is custom faces from your photo.

More about Tish at: www.tishkits.com



Beadwork: Flat Peyote Stitch

M’Lou Wilkie

Using Japanese Delica seed beads to make a bracelet, you will learn the basic

peyote stitch. This is a technique using beads and thread without a loom.

You will learn the flat peyote stitch as well as the many variations on the

peyote stitch including, tubular peyote stitch and beaded beads. You will also

learn how to read a pattern. This class could be a starting point for many

years of beading passion!



Bead Loom Weaving

M’Lou Wilkie

This is a great class for beginning beaders who would like an enjoyable and relaxing way to create something.

beautiful. Using size 11 seed beads, you can create colorful and traditional beaded designs that can be used to

embellish clothing, as hatbands, or sew your beaded strips to leather and make a bracelet or choker

M’Lou can teach you the basics of bead loom weaving and you will be on your way to the joy of beading.





Metaphors That Move You: A Tai Ji and Art Retreat

Lisa Schlingerman

Engage in your unique relationship to the natural rhythms of the universe with Tai Ji

and art. Experience the five elements of nature, fire, water, wood/wind, metal and earth

in a beautiful rural setting, while you practice a tranquil, informal form of Tai Ji.

Originating from Taoism, this form of Tai Ji is a slow series of graceful, dance-like

movements that imitate the five elements and symbolize the cycles of life. These

elements are moving metaphors that inspire kinesthetic awareness in the body.

Five-Elements Tai Ji complements artistic expression by inspiring us to express visually

the forces of nature within and around us. Participants will open to the universality of life,

moving and making art that describes their sensations of fire, water, wood/wind, metal

and earth. This dynamic approach of movement and art sustains the source of energy and

brings to light images that truly express the body, heart, and mind. No experience in Tai Ji or art necessary.



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