Inquiry Writing/Journaling: A Contemplative Practice

Workshop/Retreat available by request for your group

Kathleen Grittner

Inquiry writing is a kind of cross-training for the brain that keeps the mind strong

and resilient resulting in a more integrated thought process that helps you

navigate your ever-changing life more effectively. It is a way to stay in touch with

where you are and to tap your inner resources and guidance.

Writing methods useful for posing life’s questions and allowing responses to

arise will be presented and practiced during this retreat. It is a time for deep

listening to your authentic self.

”They can be like a sun, words. They can do for the heart what light can for a field” - John of the Cross


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Bring a journal and your favorite writing tool.

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Kathleen Grittner, MA proprietress of Full Circle Retreat, where surrounded by the

beauty and energy of nature, invites you to experience your own inherent creativity. In this

relaxing environment, free from judgment, competition or the pressure to produce certain

results, Kathleen shares methods that inspire intuition and imagination to come out and

play. She encourages you to approach art making in the spirit of beginners curiosity and

to notice what arises from your inner teacher. Drawing upon various contemplative

practices, she teaches methods that facilitate self-knowing and your own healing capacity.

Primarily focusing on imagery as a meditative conduit, music, movement, writing and traditional meditation practices

are integrated into the retreat and workshop experiences that she guides.

Kathleen earned a masters degree in art therapy after studying studio arts, philosophy, literature, world religions

and psychology at Mount Mary College in Milwaukee. She continues a life-long exploration of the art forms,

teachings, research and spiritual practices that bring more clarity, peace, compassion and joy to our everyday lives.

In 2003, Kathleen opened her rural home, Full Circle Retreat to those who have the desire to be in nature, create in

community, cultivate authentic expression of themselves, learn from each another and to live wholeheartedly.

Kathleen is a SoulCollage® facilitator and student of the Enneagram with particular interest in where neuroscience,

imagery and spiritual practice intersect. She recently completed the Full Circle Enneagram Training and Certificate

Program.  More about SoulCollage® at:




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