Art as Practice: Intuitive art making


Kathleen Grittner

Art as practice, like the practice of yoga, is about balancing and sustaining your

energy—both physical and mental. Practice is not a means to an end, a warm up,

a competition or a rehearsal—it is an end in itself. It is an activity that develops

our inner life, a way to know and express yourself more fully in the world.

When you approach art in the manner of practice, you learn over time, in small

modest awakenings, to hear your own knowing, to trust your intuition.

The guidance you seek is already within you, art making is a way to notice it.

Direction, assistance and an array of techniques to experiment with as well as a choice of art materials to explore

will be available. Music, daily meditation practice and writing options can be part of this retreat also.

As you practice making art intuitively, allowing spontaneous imagery to emerge, you may see something new in

the same place you looked before, opening space for your inner teacher, your soul’s messages to be received.

No previous art experience required. Art Materials are provided. Bring your own if you like. A journal is also recommended.

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Kathleen Grittner, M.A. proprietress of Full Circle Retreat, where surrounded by the

beauty and energy of nature, invites you to experience your own inherent creativity. In this

relaxing environment free from judgment, competition or the pressure to produce certain

results, Kathleen shares processes that inspire intuition and imagination to come out and

play. She encourages you to approach art making in the spirit of beginners curiosity and

to notice what arises from your inner teacher. Drawing upon various contemplative

practices, she teaches methods that facilitate self-knowing and your own healing capacity.

Primarily focusing on imagery as a meditative conduit, music, movement, writing and traditional meditation practices

are integrated into the retreat and workshop experiences that she guides.

Kathleen earned a masters degree in art therapy after studying studio arts, philosophy, literature, world religions

and psychology at Mount Mary College in Milwaukee. She continues a life-long exploration of the art forms,

teachings, research and spiritual practices that bring more clarity, peace, compassion and joy to our everyday lives.

In 2003, Kathleen opened her rural home, Full Circle Retreat to those who have the desire to be in nature, create in

community, cultivate authentic expression of themselves, learn from each another and to live wholeheartedly.

Kathleen is a SoulCollage® facilitator and student of the Enneagram with particular interest in where imagery,

neuroscience, and spiritual practice intersect. She recently completed the Full Circle Enneagram Training and

Certificate Program.  More about SoulCollage® at:


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