Art Retreats in a relaxing, naturally inspiring rural setting. All experience levels welcome. Discover or renew your creative spirit at Full Circle Retreat.

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Full Circle Retreat is a peaceful, quiet place located in one of the many beautiful river valleys of south-western


Wisconsin’s Driftless Area. We provide sacred space and time for you to relax, learn, and reconnect with joy.

Our group retreat programs offer you tools for cultivating more ease, inner stability and peace by tuning

into your own personal experience and perennial wisdom directly. The desire to go on retreat--to find oneself

outside of usual routines with the time and space to move inward, expand outward or to pursue a dream--has long

been part of the path toward inner peace and happiness. The beautiful sights and sounds of this rural retreat

naturally inspire you to unwind, rest and reconnect with your essence.


We provide space for deep listening, discovery, reflection and healing that honors

your unique personal experience and draws forward your inner knowing and creative

potential. Our retreat programs aspire to empower you to recognize the whole of your

human experience using the wisdom of the Enneagram and to more fully access it

through the creative process and the transformative practices of the great spiritual

traditions of the world.

Men and women of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience are welcome.


When we tend our creative life like a garden—cultivating it with attention—wisdom grows

in the form of our own personal teachings.”  - Pat Allen-Art is a Spiritual Path


Retreat-programs take place during the summer months.

Weekend Retreats usually begin on Friday evening and end Sunday afternoon.

Those attending a weekend retreat program have the option to extend their retreat

and personal time and stay mid-week.


Full Circle Retreat is in the heart of south-western

Wisconsin’s driftless region known for its hills, valleys

and trout streams. Its unique, off the beaten path

location, is quiet and regenerative. It is approximately

10 miles southwest of Viroqua, Wisconsin, 30 miles

southeast of La Crosse, 90 miles northwest of Madison,

180 miles from Milwaukee, 200 miles southeast of the

Twin Cities, and 270 miles from Chicago.

Full Circle Retreat is a farmstead made up of a two-story

house, an outbuilding used as the art space, vegetable

and flower gardens. Guests find the cozy, homelike

atmosphere warm and inviting. It is worlds away from the

typical classroom, hotel or conference center.

Nestled in a beautiful valley, surrounded by open prairie,

Oil Painting of the house at Full Circle by Deb Conlon VIVA Gallery, Viroqua

woods and stream, it is a natural sanctuary. This peaceful

environment invites you to deeply listen to the inner voice that informs life.


“Usually, when the distractions of daily life deplete our energy, the first thing we eliminate is the thing we need the most; quiet, reflective

time. Time to dream, time to think, time to contemplate what’s working and what’s not, so that we can make changes for the better.”

- Sarah Ban Breathnach -


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